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Reasons To Hire A Single Agent Instead Of A Real Estate Team

Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Reasons To Hire A Single Agent Instead Of A Real Estate Team

Obtaining help from a professional should be one of your first priorities upon deciding that you wish to sell your home. As you browse the names of local real estate agents, you’ll often come across those who work independently and those who work among a team. There are advantages to each style of realty, and you’ll need to decide whether the individual approach or the team approach suits you best. Many people prefer hiring a single agent instead of a real estate team. Here are some reasons that the former option may be better for you. Your Message Always Gets Heard When you work closely with a single agent, you can communicate as many times as necessary so that the agent has a clear understanding of your needs. You can keep in touch by phone and email to ensure that you and your agent are on the same page. This is a dynamic that many people favor. In a team real estate setting, this communication may not be quite as easy. For example, if you provide some information to one agent, he or she may not always share it with the others on the team. This can lead you to having to repeat yourself frequently. You’ll Get A Consistent Message Information flows both ways, and when you’re working with a single real estate agent, he or she will be able to provide extensive guidance to help you. Advice on how to renovate your home before it’s listed, tips on staging the home in advance of open houses, and even the dollar figure that you should take during a negotiation will all be clear and consistent. When you work with a team, you may find that some of the agents have differing opinions. This can leave you confused due to the mixed messages you’re getting. Nothing Will Fall Through The Cracks Working with a single agent means that everything related to your business falls on his or her plate. When you hire a conscientious agent, he or she will be attentive to any deadlines and make sure that things get completed. This might be a challenge in the team scenario; it’s easy for people to mistakenly assume that another agent has done the work, only to find out that the task has slipped through the cracks. For example, one agent could be expected to hire a photographer for the listing photos, but actually think that another agent is completing this...

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Selling Your Home? 6 Steps To Taking Fabulous Photos Of It

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Selling Your Home? 6 Steps To Taking Fabulous Photos Of It

With potential home buyers turning to online searches and browsing more and more, presenting your property through good photography is even more important. But if your budget doesn’t have room for a professional photographer, how can you get the job done yourself? Here are six real estate photography tips for any homeowner. Consider the Approach. Curb appeal may be the most important aspect of selling a home to in-person buyers. Similarly, how you present the home’s front exterior in photos can be make-or-break. Before shooting, decide what are the best aspects of your front approach and how you can highlight them using different angles and heights. Remove unnecessary clutter and make sure that flowers and shrubs are fresh and vibrant.  Think About Exterior Lighting. Your home’s exterior will look different during different times of the day and in different weather. Cloudy days, for example, may make the home look a little drab, whereas bright and sunny days can wash out colors. You may want to photograph the exterior closer to sunrise or sunset depending on the direction it faces and what outdoor lighting you have set up.  Capture the Right Parts. Inside the home, it’s vital to photograph all the main rooms in a way that shows them off thoroughly. Avoid photographing small vignettes, boring details (like average size closets), or cluttered sections of rooms. Look for an angle with a good visual flow that draws the eye through the room. If needed, don’t be afraid to move some furniture around to facility an better view of the room.  Keep it Straight. For the best result, you should try to keep photos as straight and even with vertical lines as you can. A tripod and a small carpenter’s level can help you achieve near-perfect straight lines that make rooms look appealing. Start by taking photos at about chest level, then take a few from slightly above or below for more options.  Fix Interior Lighting. Rather than shooting interior rooms during the full daylight, experiment with shooting them when it’s a little darker outside than it is inside. This can avoid window flare. Turn on all the lights inside to open up the room, as well.  Play with Settings. Many cameras have a variety of settings that may help bring out the best in your property, so you may benefit from learning a little about how your camera works. Changing the exposure or altering the white balance settings, for example, can help fix lighting problems in certain areas. In addition, you may be able to do some minor adjustments to the pictures after saving them. Just be sure to avoid making alterations that can misrepresent the property. By following these guidelines for taking good pictures of your real estate, you can show your home in the best way possible and help it get the best price possible. Contact a real estate agent for more...

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What To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Posted by on Nov 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

For many homeowners, spring is the time when they decide to list their home for sale. This is because the summer season is when buyers usually prefer to move. Although you may be waiting until spring to list, fall and winter is when you need to get serious about the selling process. The following tips will help you spend the down season preparing your home for listing in spring. Tip #1: Clear it out The best time to clear out your home is in fall, before the holidays arrive. If you wait until afterward you will be wrestling with all the new items that came into your home, along with packing up all the seasonal décor. Go through and declutter as soon as as school starts back up in fall. Get rid of anything you don’t plan to use in your next home. Then, all you have to do after each winter holiday is put away the décor and maintain your home’s organization until spring. Tip #2: Get a storage unit A storage unit is a great short term solution if you have more things than space – especially if your main reason for moving is for more space. You can move some of your overflow into the storage unit as you declutter through winter and fall. This is also a great way to get the seasonal items out of your home, such as clothing and décor, so that closets appear more spacious. Then, you can simply move the truckload from storage to your new home come spring. Tip #3: Fix any nagging problems In winter, people often have more time, since warm season activities have come to a standstill. This is the perfect time to fix all those minor issues that have sprung up around your home – such as painting the trim or fixing a broken light fixture. Walk through your house and make a list of everything that is wrong or needs repaired. Then, work down the list and attend to each chore so your house is market ready come spring. Tip #4: Schedule a deep clean By late January, your house should be just about ready to list. Many people try to put their house on the market by February so that they can get the first flux of serious spring homebuyers that often begin looking around spring break. If this is your plan, consider bringing in a professional cleaning crew first. Get full service – you want everything scrubbed down so it is bright and shiny. This includes shampooing carpets and steam cleaning tile and stone floors. Then, all you have to do is maintain this during the busy days of selling your home. For more help, contact a real estate agent or a company like The Clement Group at RE/MAX Properties,...

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When Key Card Locks Misbehave: How Your Commercial Locksmith Will Fix Them

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on When Key Card Locks Misbehave: How Your Commercial Locksmith Will Fix Them

Key card locks are locks that require the insertion or swipe of a key card to unlock the door. These types of locks keep doors very safe and secure and prevent the entrance of anyone who should not be on the other side of these doors. Usually, the locks and key cards function just fine, but when they misbehave, you need a commercial locksmith. Here is how a locksmith will figure out what is wrong with the key card locks and how he/she will fix them. The Key Card Skeleton Key A “skeleton key” used to test these commercial door locks is in the possession of many commercial locksmiths. It helps the locksmith determine if there is a problem with the locks or if there is a problem with the keys. The locksmith first tests the locks with this electric skeleton key and then moves on to repair the lock or replace the lock’s key. When the Key Card Skeleton Key Does Not Work When the key card skeleton key does not work, it means that there is something wrong with the lock. The locksmith will then disconnect the lock from your electrical system while the door is open so that everyone in the building can get in and out. Then the locksmith takes the lock apart, looking, checking and assessing the various components to see what is wrong with the lock. Quite often, the wiring inside the lock or the connection between the tumblers and the magnetic strip or openings on the key card are not making the connections they are supposed to. Finally, repairs are made to the lock and/or the key card swiping mechanism and tumblers so that the door works again. When the Key Card Skeleton Key Works, but the Regular Key Card to the Door Does Not When the locksmith uses his/her skeleton key card and the skeleton key card unlocks the door, then the problem might be the other key cards and not the lock. The locksmith may ask to test the key cards of several employees who pass through the same door regularly, and then test every one of those keys on the problematic lock. If every key card fails to open the lock on the first try, then the key cards might be faulty and may need to be replaced. Thankfully, new key cards can be fabricated for the same lock, but it takes time and they need to come from the company that made the lock. Your commercial locksmith will place the order for the key cards for you. For more information, contact a company like Southern California Security...

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The Pop-Up Store Could Be the Right Way to Go for Your Retail Store

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Pop-Up Store Could Be the Right Way to Go for Your Retail Store

You might have an online store or sell your items through eBay or Etsy, but you just might have enough customers to try your hand at a brick-and-mortar store. Instead of hedging your bets on a long-term lease in a mall or in your local area, it might be a good idea to start your physical store route with a pop-up store at first. High Rent in Malls While rents in local stores situated along main streets and busy shopping areas might be a more ideal location rent-wise, you might not get the same amount of foot traffic you would in a mall. However, along with those high-density numbers of potential customers comes the cost of high rent in mall locations. If you want to try a mall location for your new physical store, then a pop-up location might work better. The rents for shorter-term leases and seasonal stores tend to be less, so you won’t be spending too much to try your idea out. Change Locations A lot of malls have space that other retailers have left vacant. If you are unsure whether your store would do well in one location rather than another, a pop-up store can give you a pretty good idea of the customer flow at one location over another. You could open a shop for a couple of weeks or even a few days at one mall and then open at a different location in a few months time to get a picture of where might be the better spot for a permanent store should you choose to have one. Just for Seasonal Depending on what you sell in your online store, a physical location might not translate well over long periods of time. You will definitely not bring in the same amount of profit unless you are a larger retailer. If your items are best sellers during seasonal periods, such as the summer months, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, for example, then a pop-up store might be the way to go to enhance the sales you already have online with in-person sales at the mall or other retail location. Promotions If you are looking for a unique way to promote new items or much-anticipated items coming into your online store, then a pop-up location is a great way to grab attention. Many musicians have used the pop-up idea to promote their new music, and you can use their strategy if you are selling a brand-new line of clothing, makeup, or even just opening up a new online store. This will get people interested, and the word will spread about...

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Tips To Avoid A Bed Bug Infestation After Traveling

Posted by on Oct 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips To Avoid A Bed Bug Infestation After Traveling

If you are concerned about the possibility of bringing bed bugs into your home when you travel on vacation, then you are right to be concerned. Since bed bug infestations are on the rise and eradicating them is so challenging, the best thing you can do is to prevent them from ever gaining access into your home. To this end, follow these tips to avoid a bed bug infestation after your future vacations: Tip: Set Your Luggage Only on Luggage Racks Since your luggage is a target for bed bugs and their eggs when it is in your hotel room, you should take a lot of care where you place it. You should never set your bags on the bedspread of your bed, because if bed bugs are present, then they could attach themselves to your luggage. These bedbugs and their eggs will then drop off of your bags when you are home, infesting your place. Instead, always place your bags on the luggage rack in your hotel room. Tip: Unpack Your Luggage Outside and Immediately Wash Your Clothing When you arrive back home, consider unpacking your bag outside and then storing your luggage outside for a few days to ensure there are no living bugs on it. Immediately wash and dry all of your clothing because your dryer is hot enough to kill any bed bugs and their eggs. Tip: Use Hard-Style Luggage  You can also use hard-style luggage to prevent bed bugs from traveling with you. Hard luggage is less porous and gives bed bugs fewer places to hide. When you get home, always wipe your luggage down with a soapy rag. Tip: Inspect Your Hotel Room for Signs of Bed Bugs Before you sleep in the bed in your hotel room, take a moment to inspect the room for bed bugs and their eggs. Check the headboard, mattress cover, mattress seams, and the box spring for small black bugs. If you see bugs, leave the room immediately. Tip: Call a Professional at the First Signs of a Home Infestation of Bed Bugs Finally, if you believe that your home may have a bed bug infestation after you return from vacation, then it is vital that you contact a professional pest control company. The treatment provided by a pest control company is the only reliable way to rid your home of your unwanted travelers from your last...

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Win The Lottery? Real Estate Purchases That Add To Your Personal Wealth

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Win The Lottery? Real Estate Purchases That Add To Your Personal Wealth

If you are one of the lucky few to win the lottery, you might be wondering what to do with all of your cold, hard cash. There are so many ways you could invest it to make more money, but do not forget that your financial worth is something in which you should invest as well. Having financial worth means that you have investments that are constantly adding to your wealth simply by your ownership. One such example is real estate, as billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump will tell you. Real estate constantly gains in value and makes you even wealthier month by month and year by year. Here are a few real estate purchases that add to your personal wealth and financial worth. Buy the Properties to the Left, Right, Back, and Back Corners of Your Lot Did you ever wish your property or house was a little bigger? Can you open your bathroom window and shake hands with your neighbor because your houses are that close? Now that you have won the lottery, you can purchase your neighbors’ properties to the left, right, back, back corners, and front across the street, if you so choose. If your neighbors are willing to sell their homes and properties for, say, twice their fair market value, you can expand your property as far as you want. You could even turn all of their old properties into rentals and make extra money every month! Expand and Add on to Your House Doubling the size of your home also adds to your financial worth because it increases the value of your property. Take the house you have and add to it absolutely everything you have ever wanted in a house—a personal library, an artist’s studio, a man cave, an Olympic pool, a second and/or third story of rooms—the sky is the limit. You could do all of these things and still have plenty of cash on hand after winning the millions you won. Buy a “Country House” or Cabin in the Woods Vacation property also counts towards your financial worth and wealth. You could buy a “country house” (i.e., a house in the country vs. your city house) or a vacation cabin in the woods somewhere. This may seem like a slightly frivolous purchase, but the fact is, real estate is one of the most solid investments you could make with your new-found wealth. Plus, having a quiet place to get away is always a nice bonus. In the event that your fortune takes a turn for the worse, you can always sell the vacation house for a hefty...

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Staging A Home For Sale: 3 Ways To Gender-Neutralize Each Room

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Staging A Home For Sale: 3 Ways To Gender-Neutralize Each Room

Now is a good time as any to list your home on the real estate market. There are plenty of buyers, and in 2015, 5,250,000 existing homes were sold in the U.S. according to the National Association of Realtors. To fetch the highest bid possible for your property, you need stage your home, so that potential buyers can envision a life in it. One of the first things you should do is depersonalize your home. You should also make each room as gender-neutral as possible to cater to each family that visits your home. Here are three things you can do. Paint the Walls a Neutral Color It’s hard for a family with all boys to envision a life in a house that is decorated in all pink or lavender. If you have customized each room to the taste and preferences of your own, it’s time to reverse that decision. Start by painting the walls a neutral color, like white, beige, or even gray. You want to remove any wallpaper or décor that was placed on the wall previously. It’s much easier for potential buyers to envision how they’ll redecorate a room when you show it to them as a blank slate. Replace the Bedding with White Colors The bed is an important part of each bedroom, and is perhaps one of the main focal points that draws the attention of visitors. To make each room gender-neutral, replace the bedding with new, white bedding. White will make the room appear fresher and a lot more professional and bright. A simple and plain type of fabric will be good enough. You want to avoid choosing bedding with designs or textures on them. Remove Personal Items, like Clothes and Decorations When staging your home for photographs or real estates, highly consider renting a storage unit for several months. You should remove as many personal items, like clothing, decorations, and furnishings, as possible. Don’t add your own personal touch to the rooms, as this will interfere with the potential buyers’ ability to envision how they might want to redecorate. Large furnishings and decorations may even make a room appear smaller or conceal the architectural styling of the rooms. Conclusion Basically, you want your house to look like a blank slate, so that potential buyers can have an easier time envisioning a life there. Making each room gender-neutral should be one of the first things you do.  For assistance, talk to a professional like...

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Which Is Smarter For Finances: Buying Or Renting A Home?

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Which Is Smarter For Finances: Buying Or Renting A Home?

Buy or rent: these are the two options for individuals, couples, and families. Everyone wants to do the best for them financially. It may seem like buying your own home will make a great investment, but is it really the best option for you financially? There are pros and cons to both, and here are some of them to help you decide the best option for your finances. Renting Can Include Bills Depending on where you live and the type of property you rent, you may get some of your bills included in your rent. This is common for apartments, where heating and water are often included. It could save you hundreds of dollars in unexpected costs each month, especially if electricity is thrown in. When you own your home, you’ll need to pay for all utilities. There are also land fees to consider and property taxes to remember each year. Both Include Insurances You’ll need to get home insurance whether you rent or buy. When renting, the cost of insurance can be much cheaper. There’s no need to get building insurance, so you’ll have a lower risk factor for the insurance companies. When you buy a home, you need to insurance the building and the contents. This will increase premiums. You’ll also need to consider other types of cover for flooding, earthquake and tornado damage, which is more costly for homeowners than renters. Homeowners Invest Their Money Each month that homeowners pay their mortgage is an investment into their property. The money pays down the mortgage, and you can also pay more towards the mortgage to clear it quicker. The home could be sold at a higher rate, although there are risks and you may make a loss. There is then extra money available at the end of living in the property. The problem is your money is tied into your investment. You can’t use it until you sell your house. Renting doesn’t have the benefit. You just pay for living there, helping to pay off someone else’s second or third mortgage. It can seem like a waste, when you could end up paying the same amount of rent as you would for a mortgage. There are rental increases each year to consider, too, which could see the monthly costs increasing to more than you would pay for a mortgage. Which is the best financial option for you? While owning your own new home may be a dream and make you feel more secure, it could be one of the worst financial decisions you make. Be sure to consider all of your options before locking yourself into an option you cannot...

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How To Sell A Home Fast In A Slow Market

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Selling is challenging enough in a strong market, but when the market is very slow, you may find it almost impossible to sell your home. Take a look at the following tips for selling your home quickly in a slow market. Perform Repairs Yourself In a slow real estate market, it is necessary to make the repairs yourself. When it is a seller’s market, some buyers will decide to purchase a home as a fixer-upper. However, in a slow market, there are often foreclosed homes that can be purchased at a low price. Therefore, you will need to fix all of the leaky roofs and plumbing issues yourself. It may also be a good idea to give your home a face lift in inexpensive ways. For instance, replacing cabinet knobs can be an inexpensive way to improve the value of your home. Forget About What You Originally Paid You will need to forget about what you paid for your home ten or even five years ago. Markets change, and you will need to sell your home for what it is worth in the current market. Depending on how fast you would like to sell your home, you may even need to sell your home for less than it is currently worth in the current market. Selling your home at a great price will also ensure that there will be less haggling as the home is seen as a true value. If you do not feel like you can sell the home at or below the fair market value, it is better to wait until the market improves. Expose Your Home To As Many Markets As Possible To sell a home fast, you will need to place it in front of the largest audience possible. This means that you will need to have to use a multiple listing service to have your house automatically submitted to as many online listings as possible. You will want to have as many pictures included in your listing as possible. This will allow you to be fully transparent and show the home to more buyers who are fully aware of what they will be purchasing. In some cases, you may need to wait until the market improves and you are able to sell your home for the price that you expected. However, if it is absolutely essential that you sell your home now, by going above and beyond and by working with a great realtor, you will be able to sell your home. For more tips, talk to a realtor at Krueger Real...

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