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2 Things To Look For When You Are Buying Property

Posted by on Jan 5, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2 Things To Look For When You Are Buying Property

If you are looking to build your dream house or a place where you can hide from the rest of the world, you are going to have to start looking for the right land to build on. Finding the perfect land to build on can be difficult, especially if you are looking for remote land or scrub land to build on. There are some things that you can look for that will help you find the right land for you.  Access There’s no point in owning land if you can’t get to it so that you can build on it. You need to know how you are going to get on your land. Is there a public road that runs past or through your property? Is there an easement or right-of-way through a neighboring property that you are going to have to deal with? Likewise, do you have to provide an easement through your property for a neighbor? Part of access will also mean that you need to find out who needs to repair the roads or maintain them during the winter. If the land is remote enough, you may not be able to build a road to it from the public road, and you may only be able to fly or boat in. But you need to know these things before you move in so that you can plan accordingly.  Survey and Boundaries Another thing that you need to look for when you are buying your property is what the boundaries are, precisely. You don’t want to own your property for a few years only to find out that you have spent a lot of time and money on a stretch that doesn’t belong to you but is actually part of a neighbor’s property. In order to avoid this, you need precise boundaries. For that, you need a recent survey. This means that a surveyor has to come out and measure the boundaries. They will place markers and cornerstones as well as record the GPS coordinates of the property lines. With this information, you will know precisely where your land is and you can use that information in a dispute with neighbors, if necessary.  If you are going to buy a rural or remote property so you can build your perfect house, you are going to have to spend some time looking. If you need more help, you can always go to a real estate agent who specializes in remote, rural, or scrub...

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Don’T Forget These Three Things When Staging Your Home

Posted by on Jan 3, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Don’T Forget These Three Things When Staging Your Home

Staging a home has many benefits, including helping your home sell faster and letting you take better quality photos. However, there are several things people often forget when staging their homes that can be off-putting to potential buyers. Here are three things you need to take care of to ensure your home puts it best foot forward. Neutralize the Home Decor The purpose of staging a home is not to show off your decorating skills but to help potential buyers better imagine what they could do with the space. That’s one reason why staged homes sell quicker than unstaged ones. The trouble is your personal style can actually get in the way of potential buyers seeing the home clearly. They may be too distracted by your collection of singing bass to focus on the room’s crown molding or other features. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stage your home as neutrally as possible. For instance, repaint the hot pink walls in your kids’ room to a grey, taupe, or white, and use gender neutral bedding and towels in the bedrooms and bathrooms. This will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. Eliminate Pet Odors It’s a well-known fact that people become nose-blind to odors in their homes. So if you have pets, there’s a good chance your home smells like it and you just don’t notice any more. However, potential homebuyers will and that could cause them to take your home off the list before they even start the tour. Get all of your carpets cleaned and use an odor absorbing powder each time you vacuum. Wash the walls and other surfaces your pet may have had contact with. Pet toys, blankets, and other smelly items should be placed in the garage or other out-of-the-way space until after the tour has ended. Add Purpose to Extra Rooms The third thing many people forget about is extra unused rooms. If you’ve been using the extra room in your home as impromptu storage or have left it bare, consider staging it too. You can rent furniture from a local store to create a bedroom, office, or other space to provide buyers with ideas about what can be done. This also applies to outdoor spaces, like decks and garden areas. Get some outdoor furniture and dress up the area to make it more appealing. For more tips on staging your home to sell, contact a real estate agent like Re/Max Alliance – The Diane Stow...

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3 Things First Time Real Estate Investors Should Know

Posted by on Dec 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Things First Time Real Estate Investors Should Know

Investing in real estate has been a great choice for many people. However, getting started can be difficult. Investing in a property and renting it out for a profit can be difficult the first time around. A few small mistakes can lead to losing thousands of dollars. When investing in real estate for the first time there are plenty of hurdles to jump over. Here are three things first time real estate investors should know before making the jump and buying their first property. Higher Down Payment May Be Required Saving up for the down payment on a home can be difficult. It may be even more difficult when purchasing an investment property. Unlike residential properties, mortgage insurance does not cover investment properties. For this reason a higher down payment may be required. Investors should plan to put down a down payment of at least 20 percent in order to secure a loan for their investment property. For many properties this can be a sizable sum. First time real estate investors should be prepared to put more money down and adjust their budgets accordingly. Prepare For Higher Interest Rates Not only are higher down payments after required for rental properties, but higher interest rates can also be expected. Banks consider investment properties as having a higher risk associated with them compared to residential properties. Because of this banks often charge higher interest rates. First time real estate investors can expect mortgage rates between 0.5 and 1.5 percent higher than the rates for a residential property. Higher interest rates will mean higher monthly payments. When investing in real estate for the first time it’s important to keep interest rates in mind and consider how they may affect monthly payments on a property. It May Be Better To Start Smaller When it comes to investing in real estate for the first time, bigger may not be better. One of the biggest mistakes first time real estate investors make is overextending themselves. First time investors should focus on finding properties that are below market value, in desirable areas, and that do not require extensive repairs. Many are tempted to purchase fixer uppers. However, renovating these properties can easily end up being more costly than expected and can majorly cut into profit margins. Also when calculating the rate of return on the investment property, which averages around 9 percent, it’s important to factor in taxes, maintenance, and other expenses. Investing in real estate for the first time can be a learning experience. First time investors should prepare for higher down payments as well as higher interest rates before making their first investment. It may also be a good idea to start smaller and look for a property that doesn’t require a lot of...

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Close To Manhattan, But Near The Water: 3 Towns To Consider For Your Vacation Home

Posted by on Dec 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Close To Manhattan, But Near The Water: 3 Towns To Consider For Your Vacation Home

If you live and work in Manhattan, but are looking for a vacation home for sale nearby, and close to water, then you’re in luck. There are lots of really cool options within driving distance of the city. This article will provide you with three towns to consider. One of them is located in Pennsylvania (in the tri-state region) and is located right near the enormous and beautiful Delaware River. The other town is located in Orange County, New York and is nearby the huge Greenwood Lake. Finally, there is a town out on Long Island that will have you right near the gorgeous Long Island Sound. Milford, Pennsylvania If you like rural areas and want to be able to go hiking in the forest while on vacation, in addition to being near water, then Milford is a great spot. The town has a hip vibe and is close to great tourist attractions such as the Delaware River and  High Point State Park. You can go rafting or kayaking on the river during the Spring and Summer, and hike the trails in the park Spring, Summer, and Fall. The town is very walkable, with shops and restaurants with an old-fashioned “Main Street” vibe. If you don’t own a car, then this is a place to consider since you can take the New Jersey transit line out of Penn Station in Manhattan and ride it till the terminus in Port Jervis, New York. Milford is right across the Delaware River from Port Jervis, so you could get to your vacation house via a quick cab ride. Warwick, New York If you like upstate New York, then consider Warwick. It’s located in Orange County and it’s a very quiet and peaceful town. It’s not too rural, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of stores. There are grocers, restaurants, and even an old-fashioned drive-in movie theater. The town is also located close to Greenwood Lake. This is an enormous lake that borders both New Jersey and New York. There is a large beach, with sand and lifeguards, that Warwick residents use during the summer. You can even take out a boat and go jet skiing on the water. Sag Harbor, Long Island If you prefer Long Island, and like the atmosphere of the beaches that line the North Sore, then Sag Harbor is perfect. It’s a gorgeous town that is very exclusive and quiet. It’s not like some south shore Hamptons towns which are geared towards never ending nightlife. It’s a much more relaxed and laid back spot. The North Shore will put you right by Long Island Sound, which is an amazing view. You can hit the beaches, which won’t be as crowded as the oceanfront beaches on the south shore, and you can also take boats out into the sound, which isn’t as rough and choppy as the Atlantic Ocean on the south...

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Wood Floor Maintenance And Repair Tips To Help Care For Your New Home

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Wood Floor Maintenance And Repair Tips To Help Care For Your New Home

If you have wood floors in your home, then keeping them in good shape can be a challenge. Wood will last for many years, but it is going to need an occasional repair, finishing and other care. To start, you will want to clean the floor with protective cleaners, and then, you may want to have them refinished after years of wear. Here is some of the wood floor, maintenance, repairs and care that your home is going to need with hardwood flooring: 1. Cleaning Your Wood Floors: Protective Cleaners the Stop Damage The first thing that you want to know about caring for your floors is cleaning them. This is not something that you want to do with regular soapy water. Instead, you want to use as little water as possible when cleaning wood floors. There are also special cleaners that have oils and waxes in them, which will help give floors a protective shine. The wax will also prevent damage to your floors and ensure that you do not need repairs. 2. Wood Floors and Water Damage: Removing Stains and Doing Repairs Wood floors can also be damaged by many different causes. Some soft woods can easily be dented and scratched. One problem that all wood floors have is water. You want to avoid getting water on wood floors, but sometimes problems like leaks can lead to damage to your floors. If your floors have damaged boards, they may need to be removed and replaced. This can be done just to fix a damaged area, as well as to repair floors before refinishing them. 3. Refinishing Floors for A New Look: Taking Years of Age Off Your Wood Floors The good thing about wood floors is that they can also be refinished and have the look changed. This can be done when the floors have years of stains and wear, and you want to make them look like new again. The wood will be sanded and refinished to revive them and make them like new again. If  you have stains and want to use a lighter finish, you may want to replace any dark stains that cannot be removed by sanding and refinishing the floors. This is some of the maintenance and repairs that your wood floors are going to need. Contact a real estate agent, like, and talk with them about finding you a home with beautiful wood floors and you will be able to easily care for them...

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Considering A Waterfront Apartment? Check Out This List Of Pros And Cons First

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Considering A Waterfront Apartment? Check Out This List Of Pros And Cons First

Situated right near the beach with a stunning view, waterfront apartments are bound to be an attractive option if you are on the lookout for a new residence in a city area. While these apartments near the water definitely have their advantages, they can also have some downsides that some tenants just don’t care to live with. Before you take out a loan for a waterfront apartment, make sure that this is the right fit for you by getting to know a few of the pros and cons. Pro: Living near the water can mean private access to secluded beach areas in some cases.  Invest in a waterfront apartment, and chances are you can make your way down to the water pretty much any time of day or night. Plus, many waterfront apartment complexes offer private access only, which means there will be no tourists wandering about.  Con: Water travelers will likely have a view of your apartment, which can compromise privacy. Even though the area around the beach may be deemed private, for the most part, water is freely accessible without a lot of control. Therefore, you may have to deal with boaters and other water travelers having a clear view of your apartment, balcony, or private-access beach area.  Pro: Waterfront properties are always in high demand.  If there is one thing you can pretty much guarantee, it is that the value of your waterfront property will probably remain steady through the years. This is because these properties are highly sought after, which means even when other properties are still sitting in a slow market, your waterfront property will still be just as desirable to buyers. Con: Owning a waterfront apartment can mean more expensive maintenance costs.  Living on the shoreline can bring about a few more maintenance concerns for your property. For example, salty air near the ocean and higher moisture content in the air can mean more protective measures have to be taken through the year. However, most of these maintenance costs in an apartment will be shared with other tenants, which makes them a little easier to bear.  Pro: Entertaining is always excellent at a waterfront apartment. Picturesque views, a tranquil setting, access to water activities–there are a lot of reasons why guests will love coming to visit you when you live in a waterfront apartment. If you are the constant entertainer, your investment in this form of real estate is bound to be an intelligent...

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Tips For Staying Safe When You Show Your Home To Prospective Tenants

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Staying Safe When You Show Your Home To Prospective Tenants

Before you can begin to enjoy the income that is possible to generate through a rental property, you’ll need to find a tenant. Unless you personally know someone who would be a suitable tenant for your house, you’ll need to go through the process of advertising your rental unit. During this phase, it’s common to have prospective tenants contact you to schedule a viewing of your house. Given that you’ll be meeting in a private area with people you don’t know, it’s important to take some safety precautions. Here are some tips for staying safe when you show your houses for rent to prospective tenants. Don’t Do It Alone You may occasionally feel concerned if you’re in the house alone with a prospective tenant. You can quickly erase this potentially risky situation by making sure that you’re never alone. Contact a family member or friend every time you need to meet with a prospective tenant and have the person meet you at the house. There’s definitely truth to the adage of “safety in numbers,” and you’ll feel much more at ease when you have a companion present during the viewing. Get Valuable Information About Each Prospective Tenant When someone contacts you about viewing your rental unit, make sure that you obtain a number of details about that person in advance. For example, ask for the person’s phone number and his or her first and last names. Write this information in an email addressed to a trusted friend or family member, but do not send it. Get to the rental house in advance of the appointment, and when the person pulls into the driveway, look out the window and write down the vehicle’s license plate number. You can then send these details to the recipient. Have a plan to call the person at the end of the appointment. Trust Your Instincts Remember, you’re under no obligation to allow each person who contacts you to view your rental unit. If someone calls you and you simply get an uncomfortable feeling about the way the person speaks to you, you have every right to say that you’re not showing the rental unit at this time. You might even wish to make up a reason, such as you have interest from someone else. If your gut instinct is that you don’t want to deal with this person, make a commitment to trusting what you feel — and trust that a better tenant will come along...

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Basic Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Questions

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Kitchen maintenance can entail a number of tasks that you may overlook, and this can include caring for the exhaust hood for your stove. By improving your understanding about these appliances, you can prevent yourself from making serious mistakes that could require expensive repair or replacement to correct. Why Would You Want To Clean Your Stove’s Exhaust Hood? The exhaust hood is necessary for removing smoke and odors from the kitchen as food cooks. If the exhaust fan is unable to adequately remove the smoke and smells, it could cause your home to develop foul odors. Furthermore, a clogged exhaust hood can pose a potential fire threat. Often, the substances that clog the filter or the exhaust ducting can be rather flammable. If these substances were to ignite, they could quickly destroy much of your kitchen. Those that are about to list their homes for sale should also have their exhaust hood cleaned. This is important because the exhaust hood will be evaluated during the home inspection, and if it is found to be poorly maintained, the potential buyer may be less likely to make a bid or they may attempt to negotiate a lower price for the house to account for repairs. Is Cleaning An Exhaust Hood Something You can Do Without Hiring A Professional? It should be noted that you should hire a professional to clean the exhaust hood. While it would be fairly simple for you to change the filter for the exhaust hood, it can be difficult to clean the ducting. A professional technician will have a specially designed brush that can be used to scrape away the grease, dirt, and dust that may have accumulated in the ducting for the exhaust hood. How Can You Prevent The Exhaust Hood From Becoming Clogged? Fortunately, it will be fairly easy for you to minimize the risk of your exhaust hood system becoming clogged. One of the more effective preventative maintenance steps you can take will be to change the filter for the exhaust system every year. Furthermore, you will want to thoroughly wipe down the exterior of the exhaust hood after each time you cook particularly greasy foods. Lastly, you will want to avoid using the fan for the exhaust hood except for when you are actually cooking. Some individuals may leave this fan running, but this can attract dust and other debris to the exhaust system. As a result, leaving it running may contribute to it becoming clogged more quickly. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Universal Fire...

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Reasons To Hire A Single Agent Instead Of A Real Estate Team

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Obtaining help from a professional should be one of your first priorities upon deciding that you wish to sell your home. As you browse the names of local real estate agents, you’ll often come across those who work independently and those who work among a team. There are advantages to each style of realty, and you’ll need to decide whether the individual approach or the team approach suits you best. Many people prefer hiring a single agent instead of a real estate team. Here are some reasons that the former option may be better for you. Your Message Always Gets Heard When you work closely with a single agent, you can communicate as many times as necessary so that the agent has a clear understanding of your needs. You can keep in touch by phone and email to ensure that you and your agent are on the same page. This is a dynamic that many people favor. In a team real estate setting, this communication may not be quite as easy. For example, if you provide some information to one agent, he or she may not always share it with the others on the team. This can lead you to having to repeat yourself frequently. You’ll Get A Consistent Message Information flows both ways, and when you’re working with a single real estate agent, he or she will be able to provide extensive guidance to help you. Advice on how to renovate your home before it’s listed, tips on staging the home in advance of open houses, and even the dollar figure that you should take during a negotiation will all be clear and consistent. When you work with a team, you may find that some of the agents have differing opinions. This can leave you confused due to the mixed messages you’re getting. Nothing Will Fall Through The Cracks Working with a single agent means that everything related to your business falls on his or her plate. When you hire a conscientious agent, he or she will be attentive to any deadlines and make sure that things get completed. This might be a challenge in the team scenario; it’s easy for people to mistakenly assume that another agent has done the work, only to find out that the task has slipped through the cracks. For example, one agent could be expected to hire a photographer for the listing photos, but actually think that another agent is completing this...

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Selling Your Home? 6 Steps To Taking Fabulous Photos Of It

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With potential home buyers turning to online searches and browsing more and more, presenting your property through good photography is even more important. But if your budget doesn’t have room for a professional photographer, how can you get the job done yourself? Here are six real estate photography tips for any homeowner. Consider the Approach. Curb appeal may be the most important aspect of selling a home to in-person buyers. Similarly, how you present the home’s front exterior in photos can be make-or-break. Before shooting, decide what are the best aspects of your front approach and how you can highlight them using different angles and heights. Remove unnecessary clutter and make sure that flowers and shrubs are fresh and vibrant.  Think About Exterior Lighting. Your home’s exterior will look different during different times of the day and in different weather. Cloudy days, for example, may make the home look a little drab, whereas bright and sunny days can wash out colors. You may want to photograph the exterior closer to sunrise or sunset depending on the direction it faces and what outdoor lighting you have set up.  Capture the Right Parts. Inside the home, it’s vital to photograph all the main rooms in a way that shows them off thoroughly. Avoid photographing small vignettes, boring details (like average size closets), or cluttered sections of rooms. Look for an angle with a good visual flow that draws the eye through the room. If needed, don’t be afraid to move some furniture around to facility an better view of the room.  Keep it Straight. For the best result, you should try to keep photos as straight and even with vertical lines as you can. A tripod and a small carpenter’s level can help you achieve near-perfect straight lines that make rooms look appealing. Start by taking photos at about chest level, then take a few from slightly above or below for more options.  Fix Interior Lighting. Rather than shooting interior rooms during the full daylight, experiment with shooting them when it’s a little darker outside than it is inside. This can avoid window flare. Turn on all the lights inside to open up the room, as well.  Play with Settings. Many cameras have a variety of settings that may help bring out the best in your property, so you may benefit from learning a little about how your camera works. Changing the exposure or altering the white balance settings, for example, can help fix lighting problems in certain areas. In addition, you may be able to do some minor adjustments to the pictures after saving them. Just be sure to avoid making alterations that can misrepresent the property. By following these guidelines for taking good pictures of your real estate, you can show your home in the best way possible and help it get the best price possible. Contact a real estate agent for more...

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